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Amateur Radio Societies of North America

Federacion Mexicana de Radio Experimentadores
International Amateur Radio Union
Radio Amateurs of Canada
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Antenna Modeling

4nec2 Modeling sotware (Free)
Antenna modeling articles - ARRL
Antenna modeling - L.B. Cebik, W4RNL
EZNEC Software by W7EL
MMANA-GAL Antenna Modeling Program - JE3HHT
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Antennas and Towers

antenneX Home Page
Battle Creek Special/Minooka antennas
Cubex Quad Antennas
Cushcraft Antennas
D2T Antennas
Force12 Antennas
Hi-Z Rx Antennas
Hy-Gain Antennas
Low-band Verticle Antennas By N6LF
Outbacker Antennas
Rhombic Antennas
Rohn Towers
Tashjian Towers
Texas Towers
Titanex Antennas
TowerTalk List
US Tower Corp.
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Awards & Challenge Programs for DXers

ARRL DXCC Award Program
DX Awards List by K1BV
Worked All CQ Zones - CQ Magazine
Worked All Continents - IARU
Worked All ITU Zones - RSGB


ARRL: Spectrum Polution
BPL Comes Closer (Australia)
Impact of PLC (BPL) in Germany
InfoWorld: Interference questions dog BPL
SETI League: BPL and interference
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Contesting: Introduction (Wikipedia)
Contesting Compendium
SM3CER Contest Calendar
VK4DX Contest Calendar
WA7BNM Contest Calendars (by Week, Year)
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CW Operators' Club
CW Trainer - G4FON
CW Type (Keyboard CW)
Just Learn Morse Code - LB3KB
Learning Morse Code - N1IRZ
Morse Runner
Zen and the Art of Telegraphy - IK0YGJ
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Digital Modes

Note: Logging software usually has digi-engines; see the Software list
Blaster-TeLetype software by ZL2AKM
Digipan by KH6TY/UT2UZ
DL9QJ - Sound card software for digi-modes
FTV - software for RTTY, CW, SSTV, WEFax
Getting Started on RTTY by AA5AU
MMTTY (Hamsoft) by JE3HHT
PSK31 Homepage by EA2BAJ
PSK31 info and software by WM2U
PSK and RTTY info/software by W5BBR
Rascal digital mode interface
RCKrtty software by DL4RCK
RIGblaster digital mode interface
RTTY Basics by G3LDI
West Mountain Radio
WriteLog for Windows
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DX and other Ham Radio Portal Sites

AC6V's Amateur Radio and DX Gateway
DXer's Code of Conduct
DX Feet - DX travelers
DX Notebook by LSDXA
DX Summit of OH8X
Japan DX Web Cluster
KA9FOX Amateur Radio Contesting/DXing
K8CX Ham Gallery
K8YSE - Excellence In DX Network
NG3K Amateur Radio Link Page
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DX Bulletins, Newsletters, Magazines

(see Publications on the Web)

DX Calendars

425 DX Calendar
Calendar of DXpeditions by NG3K
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DXCC Most Wanted lists

425 DXNews
The DX Magazine Most Wanted List
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DXCC Program & Countries ("Entities") Info

ARRL: DXCC Program
ARRL: DXCC Applications Received
ARRL: Official DXCC Country List
DXCC Country List - 425DX
DXCC Country List - A,B,C,s of DX
DXCC Country List - NG3K
DXCC via the Internet by AD1C
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DX Packet Clusters & Telnet gateways

DX Cluster info
DXTelnet software
Packet Radio - TAPR
Telnet DX Cluster Directory
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DXpedition Planning & Resources

Belize Guesthouse by V31MD
Christopher Columbus Condos, Cayman Is
Costa Rica Hamshack by TI5KD
Diamond Ridge Cottage, Homer, AK
DX Holiday by K2KW
DXpedition Operator Commandments by VK4AN
DX Shacks worldwide by JA2EZD
FP-Miquelon by K9OT & KB9LIE
Leilani Bed and Breakfast, Hawaii
Propagation Planning for DXpeds by K9LA
Senegal by F4AHV
South Camp Inn, Nunavut, Canadian Arctic
USVI 'Radio Reef' by K9BZ
V26B Station Rental
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DX Who's Who Lists

I2EOW Top Bands, Top List, Top Modes
Who's Who on Top Band
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Equipment Issues

Collins Repair DVDs by OZ1TF/OZ2AEP
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FCC/Licensing Information

FCC Home Page
FCC - ILS Search
FCC License Search
FCC Welcome Page
Electronic Renewal
Forms Info - Renewals, Vanity calls, etc.
License Exam OnlinePractice-KDØFNR
License Exam
License Exam Question Pools
Licensing Info by Country - courtesy OH2MCN
Reciprocal Licensing Information (ARRL)
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Grid Squares

Grid Squares: What are They?
Grid Square Calculator
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Islands On The Air

IOTA Official RSGB page
IOTA - Islands Directory
IOTA and Lighthouse Awards Resources - W9DC
Island News Bulletin Archive by NG3K
Islands on the Web
Island Radio Expedition Foundation,Inc. (IREF)
US Islands
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Language Help

Language phrases for Travelers
Language text Translater
Radio Amateur's Conversation Guide
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License Info & Pracrice Exams

Amateur Extra Exam Question Pool by W5JCK
Amateur Radio Question Pools
Exam practice tests by AA9PW License Info & Study Guides
License Info by Minden ARC
Practice Amateur Radio Exams by
Technician Class Study Materieals by KY4KY
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ARRL: Lightning Protection
Cisco Wireless Systems - Lightning
Harger Lightning Protection Products
National Lightning Safety Institute
PolyPhaser Corporation
Vaisala Lightning Map
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List servers/reflectors/Info Sites for DXers

AC6V's Mailing Lists and Reflectors page
FT-1000MP Users' (new) List Server
DX Reflector c/o NJDXA
QTH.Net Lists/Reflectors
Topband (160m) List
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Logbook Of The World

ADIF conversion utilities by LZ1PJ
ADIF Website by WF1B
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Log Searches for DXers

DX.QSL.NET Logbook page
SM4DHF Logbook Collection
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Maps for DXers

Bing World Maps
SM3GSJ Great Circle Maps
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CIA World Factbook
DX Feet Club (DXFC)
Electronics: conversions/calculations
Monetary Exchange calculator
Online Receiver: The Listening Post
Online Receivers: HF and VHF - Worldwide
Pelican Travel Cases
US Dept of State: Travel Warnings & Consular Information
US Repeaters Online Directory
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RFI Services website
RFI Sound Files - ARRL
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Operating Tips

Magnetic/True North Deviation
NIST Time and Frequency Division Home Page
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Print Your Own QSLs

DF3CB Software
QSL Wizard-Alpine Software
VA3HJ Software
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AD5Q Current DX Propagation Forecast
Archive of past 27 day solar data
Basics of Propagation (Glossary of terms)
Beacons: G3USF's Worldwide List
DX Listeners Club Propagation Page
Ham Cap (free) by VE3NEA
Introduction to HF Propagation
K9LA Propagation Website
Mt. Wilson Solar Tower: Current Sunspots (Drawing)
MUF Maps /Near Real-Time
Propagation List
Propagation software (free) by W6EL propagation Page by N6RT
Radio Users Page
Radio Wave Propagation (Primer)
Reverse Beacon Network (RBN)
Solar Data Analysis Center
VHF/UHF Real-time Propagation Maps
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Publications on the Web

425 DX News
59(9) Report
73 Magazine Archives
CQ Magazine
Daily DX by W3UR
Digital Journal
DX-Is News Site
DX Newsletter by DL7VOA
DX Publishing, Inc (QRZ DX, DX Magazine)
Low Band Monitor
National Contest Journal
Ohio/Penn DX (OPDX) Bulletin
Radio Telecommunications Magazine (Greece)
RING!Trading Station - Ham Radio Worldwide Classifieds
WorldRadio Magazine
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QSL Info: Bureaus & Services

ARRL: DXCC applications received
ARRL Incoming QSL Bureaus
ARRL Outgoing QSL Bureau
WF5E QSL Service
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QSL Info: Call & Manager Searches

All-in-one QSL search by K3WWP
Buckmaster World Wide HamCall(tm) Server
Callbooks of the World by EA4CT
DBØSDX QSL Manager Search
FCC Transaction Search
IK3QAR QSL Manager database
OZ7C QSL search machine Callsign Database QSL manager search
QSL Manager database - IK3QAR
QSL Managers - ON6DP
QSL Managers' Society
QSL Route Search Machine - OZ7C
QSL Route Search Machine - K3WWP
QSL Route Search Machine - W3UU
TEARA'S DX'r and QSL Route Page
The Daily DX QSL manager archive
U.S. Amateur Radio Callsign Lookup Page
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QSL Info: Postage, IRC, & Greenstamps

Air Mail Postage Overview by K3FN
IRC - Order direct from USPS
IRC - USPS Rules & Regs
IRC/Greenstamp Chart by N6DHZ
IRC/Greenstamp Chart by W9OL
IRC/Greenstamp Chart by K4HB
IRC/Greenstamp Chart by DL6ZFG
Postal Rates Worldwide I
Postal Rates Worldwide II
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QSL Info: Misc

Logbook of the World
QSLing tips by AC6V
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QSL Printers

FDS Graphics
Star QSLs
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Receiver/Transmitter basics

Amateur Radio Tutorial Pages
Digital Transceiver Design
QRP Transceiver for less than $10
Selecting an HF Transceiver
Sherwood Engineering Rx test data
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Repair Services
Icom Repair - KA7MEF
Norm's Rotor repairs - Birmingham, AL
Kenwood & Yaesus service by KI4NR
Kenwood Repair - KA5IPF
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ARRL: Sounds of RFI
EMI-RFI page by ON4WW
FCC - Amateur Radio Complaints
Guide to RFI, Ferrittes, baluns, and audio systems by K9YC
Mobile RFI by K0BG
RFI Sources & Sounds
RFI Tips & Tricks by N1LO
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RF Safety

Amateur Radio RF Safety Calculator
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DX4Win Logging Software
DXbase Logging Software
DXLab suite: Log,Txcvr control, etc Various applications
DX Telnet by IKØVYX
DXZone Software Listings
EQF Ham Software
GeoClock's Home Page
Ham Radio Software
KC1CS Download Page
N1MM Logger
N3FJP's freeware
Pathfinder QSL database search engine by AA6YQ
PSK31: See Digital Modes list
RTTY: See Digital Modes list
TRX Manager (Transceiver Control) by F6DEX
WriteLog for Windows
XMLog Logbook Freeware for Windows
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SSTV for Beginners
SSTV Home Page
W5CND's SSTV Web Page
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eBay - Auction center for everything!
Ham Radio Classified Ads
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Technical Miscellany

KØTO Tech Notes
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Acom Amplifiers
Alpha/Power, Inc
Amateur Electronic Supply
Array Solutions
Bux Communications - Rascal multimode interface
Byers Chassis Kits & VHF/UHF Antennas
CWS ByteMark - High Power Ununs
D & C Electronics - Tubes
DX Engineering
FinFet Amplifiers
Ham Radio Outlet
HamStuff by W7NN
Icom America
International Radio (InRad)
MFJ Enterprises
R & L Electronics
Time Wave Technologies
Universal Radio
Yaesu USA
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APRS VHF Propagation - USA
Equipment for VHF DXing by SM5BSZ
Grid Square Maps
Grid Square Map - US
Six Meter Int'l Radio (SMIRK)
US Repeater Directory
VHF/UHF Real-time Propagation Maps
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NOAA Weather Service
Universal's Worldwide Weather
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Zones, Regions Info

CQ Zones
ITU Regions
ITU Zones
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