Delta DX Association Visiting Guests

21 February 2010: Felix/DL7FER

Ted, KN5O, Felix, DL7FER and Dallas, K1DW shortly after finishing the ARRL DX CW contest.

27 May 2005: John/ON4UN & Roger ON6WU

John/ON4UN, Frank/W5AHS, & visit coordinator, Dallas/K1DW
Dallas/K1DW (center) introduces Roger/ON6WU ("the builder") & John/ON4UN ("the theorist").
John/ON4UN, recognizes the DDXA & JARC visit sponsors.
John/ON4UN, sums it up: for 160m , you need space! ;-)
Most of the attendees for the presentation @ WVUE studios.
Some enjoy a light (!!) lunch at Bruning's Seafood Restaurant on the lakefront.

28 November 2003: York/JE2WWA and family

York, JE2WWA, (right) with xyl Kiyomi, daughter Ami, and son, Kota.

Seated: Suzi/N5OLQ, York/JE2WWA, Kiyomi, Ami, Kota, Sidney & Shirley, Sugs, and Wondy/K5KR. Standing rear: Stan/W5JYK, Don/W5FKX, Mike/W5ZPA.

15 October 2001: Yoshi/JE1EHP/K1HP and Stan/VR2GA/K1GA

Stan/VR2GA, Yoshi/JE2EHP, and Shirley/N5GGO

Maria & Milt/N5NO, Shirley/N5GGO, Wondy/K5KR, Ray/KB5GA, Mike/W5ZPA, Stan/W5JYK, Don/W5FKX, Yoshi/JE2EHP, Stan/VR2GA, John/W5ZE.


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