Suzi, N5OLQ & Don, W5FKX in VR2 & BY (22 Jan - 2 Feb 2009)


Our itinerary: New Orleans => Chicago => HK => Xi'an => Beijing => Return NO

First stop - Hong Kong, now a Special Administrative Region of the PRC. Noted sights visited were Victoria Peak, Victoria Harbor, and Stanley Street Market, among many others. Our hotel was in Hung Hom, Kowloon, about a mile east of Tsim Sha Tsui.


View of HK's Victoria Harbor from our hotel window.



Chinese New Year parade, 26 Jan 2009, marked the beginning of the year of the Ox.



Brett, VR2BG, Stan, VR2GA, Suzi, N5OLQ, and Don, W5FKX.

The stalwart Star Ferries run between ports on the Kowloon peninsula and those on Hong Kong island.


From HK, we flew to Xi'an to see some antiquities ....

... mainly, the Terra Cotta Warriors - amazing! Above is one of three huge acres-plus museums housing the "digs" discovered so far.
On to Beijing for more sights, such as Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and, 20 mi NE of the city, the Ming Dynasty tombs (1400's). Above is one of three "legs" of the mile-long avenue leading to the underground tombs.

From the Ming Tombs, we drove another 30 mi farther NE to the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall. Suzi, N5OLQ, was scouting about for the ideal antenna location ..


The next day, up at 4:30 AM for the cab drive to the QTH of BY1RX in Tu Qiao (25 mi SE of our hotel) in order to operate during the opening to NA (22:00 - 01:00 UTC).
BY1RX - home of BD1BYV. Antenna is a Create 714T (2 els 40m, 4 els on 20 & 15m) mounted on 30 meter (100 ft) tower.

BY1RX Station Master, Mr. Zhang ShuJiang, BD1BYV.


Guest op, Don,W5FKX, signing W5FKX/BY1RX.


    Proof of a great station& good propagation: note the number of USA stations contacted!

          Operating Summary:

      - Op time: 2.5h (22:15UTC @ 31-Jan – 00:46UTC @1-Feb) or 06:15 – 08:46 BST.

      - Began on 40 CW; then 20m SSB; finally 20m CW

      - Made 83 contacts: 62 CW (7 on 40m) & 21 SSB

      - DDXA (in contact order):

        • SSB: WX5L, W5ZPA, WA5HOD, W5RY, N5KGV
        • CW: W5RY, W5ZPA, WX5L, WA5HOD, AD5W, N5VN
QSO Distribution World-wide:
Asiatic Russia (4)
Japan (27)
Eu Russia (1)
Mongolia (1)
Ukraine (1)
Indonesia (2)
USA (47) !!

The QSL ...


On the last day before leaving BY, a nice hot cup of jasmine tea ...
.. and a delicious dinner of Peking Duck, carved & served a our table!

~~~~ Special acknowlegments & thanks to:

  • Mr. Zhang ShuJiang, BD1BYV and his XYL for their generous hospitality extended to a strange guest at such an early hour.

  • Mr. Fan Bin, BA1RB for making all of the operating arrangements and helping to secure my operator license.

  • Mr. Chen, BA1HAM, for great assistance with my BY operator license.

  • Mr. Zhang's cousin, Mrs. Rena, for critical assistance in translation & directing the taxi cab to the BY1RX location.

  • Mr. Sun Yinan, BG1NAL (member of BY1QH) for directing me to Mr. Fan Bin for assistance in operating one of the B1Z club stations.


73/88 de N5OLQ & W5FKX.


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